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A Message From Howie Long to the American Youth Football Community

Howie Long, a member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame, actor and sports commentator thanks American Youth Football and its members for their outstanding service and contribution to our commun...

About Us

KYF's a 501 (c) 3 subordinate organization running under the American Youth Football Inc. (or AYF) league umbrella. AYF is a league with over 800,000 participants in all 50 states. Their specific objective is to promote the wholesome development of youth through their association with adult leaders in the sport of American Football. 

KYF was developed in response to the community and the players needs. A shortfall in participation based on economy and changing life factors drew strong support to start another youth football program on the island of Kauai and designed specifically for the children. KYF strongly supports AYF in their belief that every child who wants to play football or cheer has the opportunity despite financial contraints, prompting the start of the "Circle of Giving Back" concept.

Brad Hiranaka, our Board President, and also a football coach for 23 years decided that he wanted to create an elite organization in which it's players could become not only strong in sports but accomodating enough to make sure everyone could play. Education is very important to us. Supporting our kids throughout their athletic career but keeping them motivated in their scholastic careerer and motivating them to go to college and continue to reach their dreams.

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